Anu-Eveliina Mattila

New routes in Lapua

Lapua is known in Finland of its old explosives factory that works nowadays as a cultural centre. Cultural life is lively in Lapua and visitors are now able to learn its’ stories and history with help of Glopas audio guide. There are two different routes to choose, one for bikers and another one for walkers in the city centre. The Alajoki bicycling route has twenty audio guided spots there you can hear more about the history, present life and about the buildings along the route. This area down on the riverside has a long history and villages named Kaunissaari, Hellanmaa […]

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“Jewels of the Kindom of Hartola – Finland’s one and only Kingdom”

Take the new audio guided King’s path in Hartola to experience the rich and diverse local nature and culture. Watch as trouts swim in the crystal-clear rapids below Ekonkoski arch bridge, soothe your nerves on the path through peatland forest and cross the suspension bridge to the splendid milieu at the Museum of East Häme. The municipality of Hartola, also known as the Kindom of Hartola, is situated between Lahti and Jyväskylä, along the Finnish national road number four. Glopas is ideally suited there to the multi-purpose of King’s Path route meandering in the diverse landscapes of Tainionvirta. In the […]

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Audio tours in Raahe

Visitors and, of course, locals are now welcome to take a new audio guided walk in Raahe, situated on the north coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. This idyllic city has maintained its marine history, and Glopas now makes the city’s history even more tangible with its digital technology. The golden maritime story with some old photos from the end of 1800s lead you to those times, while you stroll down the streets of the old town of Raahe. If you approach Raahe from the sea, you can get audio guiding on the close by archipelago and its nature. So […]

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