Glopas Communications was established in October 2016 in Finland. However, the construction of the app was started years earlier by a program architecture with over 30 years of experience in program planning and coding. Together with an enthustiastic travel business and communications partner, Glopas is built to make outdoor guiding easier than ever. Our mission is to help cities, towns, parques and other outdoor authorities to bring their stories alive on our digital platform – with no limits to the number of language versions or spots. We want to provide both a superior customer experience and great value for our customers.

If you are interested to get an easy mobile platform for making and publishing audio guided tours, tell us about your organisation needs with some words and we will contact you! You can use the contact form below or contact me directly.

Kind Regards,

Anu-Eveliina Mattila
Glopas Communications
Tel. +358 50 555 6183