Take the new audio guided King’s path in Hartola to experience the rich and diverse local nature and culture. Watch as trouts swim in the crystal-clear rapids below Ekonkoski arch bridge, soothe your nerves on the path through peatland forest and cross the suspension bridge to the splendid milieu at the Museum of East Häme.

The municipality of Hartola, also known as the Kindom of Hartola, is situated between Lahti and Jyväskylä, along the Finnish national road number four. Glopas is ideally suited there to the multi-purpose of King’s Path route meandering in the diverse landscapes of Tainionvirta. In the dense area you will find both landscape with rapids and unobstructed fishing grounds by the rapids, marsh landscapes, the cultural and historical atmosphere with its mansions and windmills, as well as a diverse collection of bridges, starting from the suspension bridge. There are also cafés, restaurants, a museum and an art gallery in the summer. Glopas will also tell you the story how Hartola declared itself a Kingdom!

The guidance in Hartola is available in English and Finnish