Location activated audio guide

Glopas audio guide app tells you the true stories and history of cities, sights and places. You can move and enjoy the visit on your own pace. Content producers can easily share location-specific stories and enrich the visitors' experience.

Get the stories and facts alive with Glopas

Glopas is a digital platform for stories, and your personal guide when visiting places of interest. It starts talking to you when proceeding a spot. The audio guided stories are always compiled by trustworthy publishers, such as city tourism authorities, parques or event management companies. It helps them to tell about their history and interesting sights for visitors and locals. If you represent such an organisation, and want to be one of the first ones to adopt the latest digital technology of outdoors audio guide systems, please contact us.

  • Unlimited number of language versions
  • Fast mobile content management system
  • Can be used without data roaming
  • Starts guiding automatically when proceeding the sight
  • Use by walking, bicycling, driving or sailing - it always adjusts to your speed

Get in Touch

Are you representing a City tourism authority or an organisation interested to have Glopas audio guide system? Please describe your organisation briefly and we will contact you shortly. Also customer feedback is very important for our business. Tell us what’s on your mind, good or bad. Thank you.