Glopas guides in Lux Helsinki 2017

Lux Helsinki light festival will be guided by Glopas. Approximately 500 000 visitors are expected to visit these beautiful light installations in Helsinki. Now, for the first time The 9th annual Lux Helsinki light festival organised by the City of Helsinki will take place from Thursday to Monday, 5 to 9 January 2017. Lux Helsinki will illuminate historical buildings and dark courtyards, leading festival-goers to the idyllic quarters of the Kruununhaka district. The new route starts from the Market Square and follows Mariankatu into Kruununhaka, the courtyard of the University of Helsinki’s Topelia building and the courtyard of the National

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Raahe first out

Raahe is an idyllic small city located in the Northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland. The 365-year-old city has maintained its marine heritage, but has been quick to adopt the latest technologies. Raahe city marketing saw a great opportunity in Glopas. It could bring their historical stories alive, and serve travelers and locals who stroll in the old part of the city or on nature paths, or kayak in the beautiful archipelago surrounding the city. And last, but not least, they got their famous Christmas Calendar to speak! Raahe is a perfect example on how Glopas audio

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